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Board Certified Family Physician, Author, Speaker, Media Personality, Health Coach, CEO

Optimize your energy. Optimize your life. Optimize you.

You can reach your ideal body weight. You can harness energy you’ve never experienced before. You can become a wellspring of health and vitality. You can accomplish your goals.

Believe it and achieve it with Jason Littleton, MD, America’s Energy Doctor.

Through his private practice, health coaching, writing, keynote presentations, and national television appearances, Dr. Littleton shares his proven methods to motivate and effect positive changes to supercharge your life.

It’s time to choose healthy living for elite energy, longevity, and success.

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Be Inspired. Be guided. Be everything you want to be.


Let's talk about a happier, healthier you.

Dr. Littleton explores important health issues and discusses how to optimize your health and your life.


Seize control and conquer your goals.

Boost productivity and achieve balance with Dr. Littleton's simple, actionable plan for maximizing your energy and enhancing your health.


The right words said the right way change lives.

Dr. Littleton puts the people in your audience, company, organization, or group on the path to wellness and higher productivity.



Dr Nandi MD FACP
Joel Kahn MD
Dr. Monica Watts

Dr Nandi MD FACP

Gastroenterologist in Detroit, Michigan and Clinical Assistant Professor at Oakland University, William Beaumont School of Medicine

Dr. Jason Littleton shines with his astonishing abilities and innovative ideas. His skill set is a rarity that allows people to relate and engage in his thoughts to establish happy, healthier lives. His ground-breaking work in the medical and energy fields has solidified him as one of the best innovators today. He brings forth the passion and creativity necessary to connect with a variety of audiences, making his work all the more vital. He is truly America’s Energy Doctor!

Dr. Littleton electrified the stage as an expert on the Ask Dr Nandi show, where he spoke of practical ways patients can take charge on their lives. He has a knack for delivering to his patients like few can, allowing him to be the top expert in his field.


Joel Kahn MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) , Wayne State University School of Medicine

I have the pleasure of calling Dr Littleton a friend, colleague, and leader in the field of energy medicine. He has a plan for all, to overcome the drains on our energy that modern life challenges us with daily. His path of inner healing, inner resolution taught me much and can help you too. It is rare to find someone so young with so much wisdom. Good work Dr. Littleton!

I have started a 5 minute cardio blast program a few days a week, which has helped me recharge my regimen. Thanks for motivating me to continue my healing journey with your support system, in which I no longer feel alone.
Well Spring Energy MD Concierge has helped me stop being a perfectionist and working myself to death. I have given myself permission to stop trying to please everyone and for once in my life start living for me taking small segments each day for a better tomorrow. Thank you!


Never stop learning.
Never stop reaching.

Find helpful information from Dr. Littleton about healthy-living topics like diet and nutrition, exercise, weight loss, sleep, energy, and more.

In Shape on Purpose

In Shape on Purpose

Do it on purpose!! I mean get in the best shape of your life because of an overriding goal! You can do this. Its really simple, you just have to have a reason. For example, I love feeling energized, looking great, and feeling young without medications and other unnatural products. This means eating well and… Continue Reading


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