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Ways to Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease affecting the way your body metabolizes sugar. One of two things goes wrong: either your body doesn't produce enough insulin to properly regulate your ...
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20 Essential Exercise Tips for Beginners

Exercise is so important to weight control, disease prevention, energy, mental focus, mood, restful sleep, longevity, and just plain old feeling good. But when you're not in the habit—and when ...
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Food Sources of Iron for More Energy and Better Health

Every cell in your body contains iron. It's an essential mineral needed to produce hemogoblin (part of blood cells) and myogoblin (found in muscles), two compounds that perform the very ...
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How to Feel More Energized in the Summer

To feel more energized in the summer, you have to rehydrate all the time. That obviously means drinking water frequently, but it also means eating foods that hydrate and replenish ...
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3 Keys to Having More Energy: Sleep, Food, and Exercise

Many of my patients ask me how they can increase their energy. If you follow my writing here on my site, you know there are lots of ways to boost ...
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eating healthy on busy days

10 Simple Steps to Eating Healthy on Busy Days

We all know we should eat healthy, and lots of us regularly commit to doing so. But, somehow it seems that so often our busy lives get in the way ...
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