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10 Energy-Depleting Foods to Avoid on Tough Days

It may be a cliché, but food is fuel. And not all fuel is created equal. In fact, plenty of foods give you a short-lived burst of energy, but then ...
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about intermittent fasting

About Intermittent Fasting: Possible Benefits and How to Try It

Let's talk about intermittent fasting, since it's been getting increasing attention lately from the medical community. It's exactly what it sounds like: interspersing extended periods of not eating in between ...
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about low testosterone levels

Let’s Talk About Low Testosterone Levels

In a recent episode of The Dr. Jason Show, I sat down with urologist Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt. We covered a lot of ground pertaining to men's health, but spent a ...
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10 Big Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Just about everything in life is better when you do it with a friend, right? Well, exercise is no different! In a recent episode of The Dr. Jason Show, I ...
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lower your risk of heart disease

Ways to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US; strokes are the fifth-leading cause. Cardiovascular disease is an epidemic for Americans, and it's largely because of our typically ...
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Tips to Improve Your Posture and Back Alignment

Making efforts to improve your posture and back alignment is a smart move. Without proactively correcting it, we all gradually shift more and more out of alignment. We may begin ...
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