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If You’ll Meditate, You’ll Have More Energy

If You’ll Meditate, You’ll Have More Energy

You’ll find that when you think through your life, mental clarity will enter in. You’ll feel together. This is what you want. You think you want more energy. You think you want the latest and greatest solution. But what you really want is a healthy you—a healthier mind, and finally a healthier body—to make it all work. Being healthy in totality is what you really crave.

This is how I achieve more: I meditate. My secret is that I usually go for a walk after work to make the transition into my after-work work easier. It is important to have a place to meditate. Walking is my environment to get my mental juices flowing so that I can actively think and meditate. Also, in my office at home is another place where I critically think, plan and strategize. When I do this, I am deleting old habits and taking in new life modifications to improve my life and take me higher.

My message to you is simple: If you’ll meditate, you’ll have more energy. You’ll feel more in control. You’ll have an improved life. If you side-step this essential piece to modifying your life, you will forever find yourself lacking what it takes to take the next step in your life. If you only treat your body and never your mind, you’ll always be the person who has a ceiling they cannot get above. Don’t be that person. Don’t be stuck in a rut. Think again by visualizing, verbalizing and memorizing, and you’ll change your life for good.

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Jason Littleton, MD, also known as America's Energy Doctor, is a board-certified family physician offering concierge healthcare and the author of WellSpring: The Energy Secrets to Do the Good Life. The book's practical, insightful content and his resonant messages about nutrition, fitness, and balance have made Dr. Littleton a highly sought after, high-profile keynote speaker and national media commentator on TV and in print.