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Mind Expansion: Enlarging Your Thinking for More Energy

Mind Expansion: Enlarging Your Thinking for More Energy

When you have a family, you must expand your mind about what you can do. When it comes to having more energy, you have to get rid of the thinking that says, “After 8 p.m. I’m tired … I’m through … that’s it.” No. You’re through when you’re done—when you’ve completed your daily goal. And you cannot be concerned with how long you’ve worked, how tired you feel or where you’re at. Complete the task. That’s hard, you say? So much of your tiredness is mental. You have to expand your mind to do more. This means you have to mentally prepare or meditate about giving it all you’ve got. It’s only when you give all you’ve got that you create a vacuum, so that more inspiration, more creativity and more energy can come in. That’s the WellSpring!

You have to expand your mind to do more than what the job takes. If your daily goals take eight hours, mentally prepare to go 16 so that if you’re not done with what you need to do, your mental clock does not alarm and say, “It’s quitting time.” Planes and pilots know this. When they fly, they fuel their tanks enough to go there and back if need be. You have to do this mentally so that finishing your daily task is all you’re focused on. When you do this, you will not feel as tired because you are mentally prepared for the long haul if necessary.

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Jason Littleton, MD, also known as America's Energy Doctor, is a board-certified family physician offering concierge healthcare and the author of WellSpring: The Energy Secrets to Do the Good Life. The book's practical, insightful content and his resonant messages about nutrition, fitness, and balance have made Dr. Littleton a highly sought after, high-profile keynote speaker and national media commentator on TV and in print.