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concierge medicine in Orlando

Experience superior concierge medicine.

Your doctor works for you.
That's how it's supposed to work.

Why Littleton Concierge Medicine?

Peace of Mind

Dr. Littleton gets to know you and your medical history, taking the time to build a solid doctor-patient relationship you can truly benefit from.

Coordinated Care

Have your own personal medical professional and advocate overseeing care from different providers if you need specialists or suffer a serious injury or illness.


See the doctor in your own home, on your schedule, and consult him any way you like, whether in person or by phone call, text, email, or video chat.

Health & Longevity

Don't just get treatment when you're sick; get personalized nutrition, fitness, and prevention coaching for continuing wellness, balance, and growth.

Save Money

Enjoy fixed costs for standard primary care without copays and deductibles, and greater care efficiency.

Save Time

Skip the trips to the office and long waits well past your appointment time. Plus, there's no need for an appointment when a quick call or email will do.

Access to your doctor 24-7

Access to your doctor 24-7

Secure an appointment within 24 hours of your call.

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Concierge Medicine in the United States: Why a monumental shift in patient care is emerging.

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Littleton Partner Program

Patients pay a monthly retainer of $450.
In return, they have

  • Unrestricted access to Dr. Littleton, including at-home care
  • Same- or next-day appointments
  • Extended office visits
  • Phone, email, or webcam consultation
  • and other advantages office-based care cannot offer


30 Minute Appointment

A scheduled 30-minute in-person consultation with Dr. Littleton for just $125.


20 Minute
Phone Call

A scheduled 20-minute phone consultation with Dr. Littleton for just $75.