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Every month, Dr. Jason teams up with another health and wellness expert to talk about topics that matter to you! Tune in for 15 to 20 minutes devoted to achieving optimal health and energy!

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Guest Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt
March 2017

Dr. Jason Littleton with guest Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, an Orlando urologist, discusses men’s health.

Guest Darryl Woods
March 2017

Dr. Jason Littleton with work-out buddy and motivational speaker, Darryl Woods, discusses motivation, accountability, and competitive workouts and how to apply this in your everyday life.

Guest Dr. Michelle Taylor
March 2017

Join Dr. Jason and Dr. Michelle Taylor prepare a healthy salad to give you more energy throughout your day.

Guest Dr. Yanina Genao
February 2017

Dr. Jason works with Dr. Yanina Genoa, a local chiropractor, on what some easy-to-do exercises are to help back pain and posture.

Guest Dr. Mark K Soliman, MD
February 2017

Dr. Jason and Dr. Soliman, colon & rectal specialist, talks about healthy stool and diets that help keep your colon healthy, along with “red flags” to look for in your stool that could impact your colon.

Guest Ariana Pierce, millennial entrepreneur
February 2017

Dr. Jason Littleton talks with  Ariana Pierce about healthy living for entrepreneurs.