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Your Energy is in Your Dream

Your Energy is in Your Dream

When it comes to overcoming tiredness, your dream is supposed to move you to action despite how you feel. When you have identified your true passion, you’ll find that getting to your destination is more important than just staying where you are. For those who tell me all the time that they cannot get out of bed, to them I say, sit down, get a pen and paper and cross over mentally—dream yourself out of those sheets! Let that dream light a fire under your legs so unquenchable, that inspiration just rushes in and fills your life with passion that moves you, so that no tired bone in your body will stop you.

Even tiredness is a mental barrier that needs to be crossed. Tiredness is part mental. Friend, I’ve been there too. I have been afraid to cross that barrier—the barrier of tiredness. I have said to myself that if I cross over that line and spend all my energy, how will I pick myself up again? It’s almost like we are afraid to spend our last amount because we are afraid to be stranded somewhere or to fall short. But friend, that’s fear.

And remember, if we are pursuing our purposeful passions, fear is not justifiable to stop us from reaching our destination. I’d rather we think, let’s exhaust all we have, and fall on our face trying. At least we did something worth doing. The good news is, if it’s worth doing, we’ll be infused with motivation to finish what we’ve started and we’ll get there even if we have to crawl.

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Jason Littleton, MD, also known as America's Energy Doctor, is a board-certified family physician offering concierge healthcare and the author of WellSpring: The Energy Secrets to Do the Good Life. The book's practical, insightful content and his resonant messages about nutrition, fitness, and balance have made Dr. Littleton a highly sought after, high-profile keynote speaker and national media commentator on TV and in print.