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Little TON: Little Adjustments equal a TON of change

Little TON: Little Adjustments equal a TON of change

Your health is changing.  Everyday.  Getting better or growing worse.  What are you going to do about it?

Today’s blog is a reminder that you have to do something DAILY to stay on track.  Every day you are getting older, slower, more depressed and more tired if you are on the passive track.


Every day you are getting stronger, wiser, more happy and energized if you are on the active track of personal growth and change.

A ton is a measure of weight.  It describes quantity, particularly, a large quantity, number, or weight when used in language.


Want to wake up earlier?  Adjust your morning clock by 5 minutes, week by week until you are waking up at your desired time.

Want to start exercising or want to exercise more?  Jog for 5 minutes starting today and ratchet it up every week.

Want to eat less?  Then decide to eliminate one of your cheat foods, one cheat food a week until you’re at your clean eating goal.

It doesn’t take much.  Little Adjustments—Ton of Change.  See you next week!

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Jason Littleton, MD, also known as America's Energy Doctor, is a board-certified family physician offering concierge healthcare and the author of WellSpring: The Energy Secrets to Do the Good Life. The book's practical, insightful content and his resonant messages about nutrition, fitness, and balance have made Dr. Littleton a highly sought after, high-profile keynote speaker and national media commentator on TV and in print.

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