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Annual Routine Exam Supported By Year-Long Healthcare Communication Services: Personalized Medicine, Concierge-Style Service

Health & Wellness Program

Expanded Exam and Healthcare Communication Services That Incorporate Fitness, Sleep, Weight Loss, Coaching…

Covid-19 testing

Routine Labs, WorkSAFE Strategy…

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Direct Care

Dr. Littleton’s combined routine exam and related communication services makes it easy to get your questions answered on annual exam-related health goals. A smaller patient panel with high-connection communication support means next day or same day appointments unhurried by healthcare insurance plan dependence and restrictions.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Enhance and optimize your health with expanded routine exam and related communication services, supporting your fitness, sleep, and weight loss goals with expanded health coaching services.

COVID-19 Testing

Begin your WorkSAFE strategy today by getting your company tested for COVID-19.

Advanced Labs

Testing, knowing, and addressing your health is how to get back on track to becoming your best self.



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Dr. Jason Littleton shines with his astonishing abilities and innovative ideas. His skill set is a rarity that allows people to relate and engage in his thoughts to establish happy, healthier lives. His ground-breaking work in the medical and energy fields has solidified him as one of the best innovators today. He brings forth the passion and creativity necessary to connect with a variety of audiences, making his work all the more vital. He is truly America’s Energy Doctor!

I have the pleasure of calling Dr Littleton a friend, colleague, and leader in the field of energy medicine. He has a plan for all, to overcome the drains on our energy that modern life challenges us with daily. His path of inner healing, inner resolution taught me much and can help you too. It is rare to find someone so young with so much wisdom. Good work Dr. Littleton!

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America’s Energy Doctor…

About Dr. Littleton


Jason Littleton, MD is a board-certified family physician offering convenient direct care exam and health communication services, emphasizing concierge-style high-connection healthcare. He emphasizes personal attention, prevention, and smart lifestyle choices for optimal health, wellness, energy, youthfulness, longevity, balance, and happiness.

He encourages patients to eat nutritiously and focus on fitness, providing clear, practical, personalized guidance for doing so in our busy lives.


Dr. Littleton earned his MD from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and a BS in Biology from the University of Michigan.

In 2010, he received National Doctor’s Day Recognition from the Practitioner Excellence Committee for “compassionate and excellent care” of patients at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. He also received the Resident Teacher Award as a family medicine resident.